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Apple Fest – Pics from Week 2

October 11, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

The second weekend of the 38th annual Apple Harvest Festival finally drew to a close, and although the numbers are still out, it appears that Friendship Lodge had its best year in a long time, with over $5,000 in profit generated from the sale of Philly steak sandwiches and our now-famous fried apple wedgies. With the exception of a downpour on the morning of the first Sunday, we had two weekends of good weather – not too hot, not too cold, and just right for fair-goers to walk around and build up an appetite.

Apple Harvest 2006 – Week 2

I’m pleased to see that the Apple Wedgies are becoming more well-known. For the last few years we’ve typically bought 6 cases (600 apples), often ending up with at least one case left over. This year we bought 10 cases! We peeled, wedged, and fried 9 of them over the two weekends and sold them right up until 7 p.m. on Sunday. What a fantastic increase! And I’m sure that it had very little to do with a certain officer who hooked the apple peeler up to a power drill to speed up the production… We also ran out of the steak sandwiches early Sunday afternoon, not long after the parade ended – a sure sign that the crowds were in a buying mood.

Events like this do not run themselves, and we appreciate everyone who came down to help in whatever capacity they could lend themselves to, whether it be running errands, moving the food from the lodge to the tent, moving empty containers from the tent back to the lodge, working the counters, or helping with the clean-up. While every bit of help was important, several people deserve a special mention. First, the event would not have been half as successful without the unflagging efforts of Gerry and his wonderful wife Rhonda. They helped to set up, they prepped and cooked, they helped to dismantle the booth, and Gerry even provided the all-important and nutritious egg sandwiches on weekend mornings. I am going to strongly recommend to everybody that they find out what kind of vitamins these two take.

Some other highlights worth mentioning: Kyle worked until his back gave out, and we’re hoping for a speedy recovery. Jim did an admirable job coordinating, something that I would have hated to do myself. And it was certainly worth the price of admission to see not just one, but two Dougs (H & L) doing actual labor. Special thanks to Chuck and Ken for manning the hot grill with their usual calm demeanor while under fire. Kevin, Ryan and Eric are also to be commended for their help while watching over the DeMolay tent; and certainly thanks to those DeMolays who pitched in to help their lodge by carrying things back and forth when needed. I understand that the Marcus Holcocmb DeMolay Chapter made over $800 from their popcorn and cotton candy sales; great job, guys!

I also need to specially thank Charley R and Larry B, both of whom stepped down from the East in their respective lodges to help out at Friendship. In fact, between the Apple Harvest and DeMolay, Charley has become so frequent a visitor at Friendship that we should make him an honorary member.

And I think that we should all take an opportunity to thank our wives or Significant Others, who either came to help out, lend moral support, or at least gave us the time off to come down to work the booth.

I know that I missed some people on this list, and I apologize for that because it took the efforts of every single one of you to make this the most successful Apple Harvest in recent memory. It’s events like this that make me especially proud to be a member of Friendship Lodge.

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