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Worshipful. Very Worshipful

King Solomon sent an Entered Apprentice, a Fellowcraft, and a new Master Mason to a dark, quiet apartment of the temple with instructions for silent meditation on the nature of Masonic Light. He assigned a Past Master to watch over them.
Soon after they settled in, the Entered Apprentice accidentally overturned the candle.
“Hey, the light went out, and it’s dark in here!” he exclaimed.
“You fool,” said the Fellowcraft, “you’re not supposed to talk!”
“You are disobeying King Solomon’s orders,” said the Master Mason, “Please be quiet.”
“Humph,” said the Past Master, smugly. “It seems that I am the only one who has not talked.”


I wrote in my last post that I went up to the Grand Lodge session in order to show my support for a few brothers being installed into new Grand Lodge officer’s positions. I was also there for one other Grand Lodge officer installation that I did not mention:


Yes, that’s right. I’ve been seduced over to the dark side. Let this be a lesson to new Masons everywhere: If you look interested in something, you are going to get asked to do it. I’ve talked about my interest in the Masonic ritual and workings, so I should not have been surprised that when the officer in the current spot decided to retire, the Grand Lodge officer in my district thought of me.

I am now the new District Grand Lecturer for District 5.

And yes, I can prove it; they gave me a new purple apron and some serious Masonic bling-bling to wear. For any readers from District 5, please be advised that Hell has not frozen over, pigs are not flying, and as far as I know, the Pope is still Catholic.

When the Deputy Grand Master (now the MW Bill) asked me if I would accept the position, he asked me not to tell anyone until it was properly announced. Being a good Mason, I said that I would keep it on the DL (DL? Down Low? District Lecturer, get it?) and so I did.

For three entire months.

As Grand Lodge approached, I realized that there probably wasn’t going to be a proper announcement, so I continued to keep it a secret, intending to have some fun. You see, the members of my own lodge didn’t know about this. I was hoping for an opportunity to walk into a meeting wearing the purple apron and flashing my gold Masonic bling, just to throw my brothers for a shock.

I was really looking forward to surprising them. I have to admit that I can be such a child at times.

That hope ended when the new officer’s contact books came out last week. The Secretary was looking through the list for an email address, and stumbled across my name in the back. He mentioned it to WM Dave, who kept quiet until he talked to me, figuring that if I hadn’t mentioned it, there must have been a reason. We came up with a plan to have me walk in on the brothers during an upcoming FC degree.

Anyway, at the Grand Lodge session, even though Dave did not want to have a room, some of the other brothers got a room on their own. Somehow, they forgot to mention it to me (they will be dealt with later), and as the libations flowed, so did the gossip. Somebody blabbed the news and soon all the officers knew about my new position.

So much for the vaunted secret-keeping of the Freemasons.

But it’s all good. The next night, Friendship brought a few candidates up to a lodge in my old hometown for an FC degree, at which I was heartily congratulated. The parts were done by a mix of Wolcott Lodge officers, Friendship officers, and a few visiting Prince Hall brethren. Their Senior Deacon did a great job as our own WM Dave took the East. The visiting Prince Hall brothers split up the Middle Chamber lecture (sometimes called the “Staircase” lecture), and I took the Letter G lecture (which is absolutely my favorite piece of work) and the Charge. It was a fine degree evening.

At the end of the meeting I suddenly realized that I was the only GL officer in attendance and that I would have to stand up and give the traditional greetings of the new Grand Master. Eep! I had forgotten to prepare any closing remarks, so I simply stood and extended the warm, fraternal greetings of MW Bill and congratulated the candidates, and praised the work of the rest of the officers. Keep it simple, right?

Gosh, I hope that all this power doesn’t go to my head!

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