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Another Jewel

Some of my 19 or so readers use the blogroll – the links on my sidebar – to jump to other blogs. A few weeks ago I added a link to Moveable Jewel, failing to mention that the author is also a brother from Connecticut. He and I have communicated via email, and he is young and idealistic about the fraternity… unlike yours truly, who is old and cynical middle-aged and pragmatic.

I am pleased to see that he is a member of the Philosophic Lodge of Research, one of Connecticut’s two research lodges. The purpose of a research lodge is to study aspects of the fraternity, and the members will write – and present – papers on various topics ranging from the historical to political to esoteric. Members will also come to speak at a lodge, which is a great idea for an educational program.

But I am pointing out his blog now because he’s written a great piece for the Philosophic Lodge of Research. Of particular note was this passage:

“I myself have been the object of Masonic Relief on more occasions than I care to count. I have arrived at Lodge careworn after a miserable day in a job that payed the bills, but did not feed my soul. At Lodge I received the warm smiles and firm handshakes of men that I truly respect. Their humor, and the camaraderie that I enjoyed with them lifted my spirits and gave me the stamina to improve my lot.”

There have been any number of times after a particularly bad day at work that I’ve been tired, frustrated, angry, and want to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a book and ignore the rest of society; yet I throw on a change of clothes and head down to the lodge… and realize that by the time the Secretary has finished reading the minutes, I’m relaxed and feeling more human.
Thanks for reminding me of that.

Now, the other 18 of you – go check it out.

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