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What does my husband get out of Masonry?

September 17, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Okay, enough of my disjointed ramblings about the Craft. I want to ask you – all of my 42 readers – for some help.

Our statewide publication, Connecticut Freemasons, is looking for some input. Specifically, we are looking for a few sentences or a paragraph from your partners. We would like to know what they think that you get out of Masonry. Why do they think it’s important in your life, if at all? What motivates you to go to meetings, or to serve as an officer? Has it changed you, and in what ways?

We would like to publish some of these comments in an article in the upcoming issue. You can submit these to me in the comments section, or via email (my address is in my Blogger profile). If you would prefer to remain anonymous, simply let me know.

Please note that this request goes out to all of my brother Masons, not just the ones from Connecticut. Just a few short lines would do, although we’ll certainly love to see a longer essay from an interested partner.

Just to get you started, here’s my own submission:

Linda didn’t have any particularly witty or pithy comment. However, she did say that she thought it was good for me to get out of the house once in a while and to associate with “the guys,” especially seeing that most of the brothers that I associate with tend to be honest, hard working, good natured, and good hearted young men. Since most of the officers in Friendship Lodge are under 30, she thinks that they’re a good influence for me – they keep me “thinking young.” But also, I’m a good influence for them – I must be, or we wouldn’t spend as much time hanging out at the lodge after the meetings are over. She knows that some of them will call me once in a while, and she thinks that it’s because (unlike the stereotypical Past Master) I make a point to not give advice, but to simply listen – subduing my own passions, as it were, and just being available to lend an ear or to whisper good counsel.

At my installation in 2006, I said “Back when I joined, I asked my friend Dave how much time I’d need to put into this, and he told me that I only needed to put in one or two nights a month. Dave, I think that Linda’s going to be wanting a talk with you after the installation ceremony.”

So, c’mon, brothers; talk to your wives, girlfriends, partners and ask them for a few sentences. Or if you think you could make a good guess, write it yourself. I’d like to have a few good responses by the end of this week.

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