Jim is In!

On Saturday, Dec 29th, Friendship Lodge installed one of it’s youngest Masters: WB James Sinclair.

WB Jim joined Friendship about a year before I did, and was on my investigation committee. WB Julian, the WM at the time, lived halfway down the block from me, and was joined by WB Dennis, who is now the very overworked Treasurer of our building committee, and the newly raised Bro. Jim, who, I seem to remember, showed a hearty enjoyment for the lightly chilled Motepulciano d’Abruzzo that I brought out to the picnic table on my back deck.

I got to renew my acquaintance with Jim when he became the JS to my SS the next year. I promise not to tell anyone that he used to duck out on me all the time whenever I had to clean up after a big meal.


It’s been pleasant to watch WB Jim grow and mature – masonically and otherwise – into a dedicated and hardworking brother who has shown a talent for organizing and a willingness to listen to the wisdom of others when making decisions. A good example of this was getting the officers together to outline his plans for the coming year to get their support and their ideas.

I understand that many lodges have Past Master’s meetings at which the incoming Master discusses what he would like to do for the coming year. For some reason, Friendship doesn’t do this – or at least, hasn’t done this in the last six or seven years. Anyone running a lodge understands the importance of the support from the officers under them, though, and WB Jim has already implemented some of his ideas: I just received a four-page Trestleboard – via email, saving on postal and printing costs, and bringing more newsy items than our previous single-paged calendar.

The installation itself was a pleasant ceremony, as was the dinner afterwards, prepared by our Stewards and Associate Stewards. Associate? Er, yes – some of the brothers are not as strong with their kitchen skills as they are with their ritual skills, and usually beg ask their significant others for help. It has actually turned the lodge into a great social hangout, which in itself is not a bad thing.

Here’s to a great year for the new Worshipful Master!

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