Big Deal

February 25, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sheesh, it’s crazy, I tell you.

I mean, a brother visits a lodge and enjoys it. He visits again, and soon becomes a regular.

He likes the lodge so much, that he decides to affiliate.

After he affiliates, he becomes an officer.

So, he’s installed as a Senior Warden, and suddenly there’s all this hoopla and next thing you know, there’s all these purple apron types at the installation, all the way up to various Grand Masters.

I mean, all this for a Senior Warden? Not even a Master, but a plain, old Senior Warden. Sheesh, what’s the big fat hairy deal, huh? I mean, haven’t any of these people ever seen an affiliated Mason as an officer before? Crazy, you know what I mean?


At the January 9 installation of Wolcott Lodge No. 146, Wolcott, a Prince Hall Mason was installed as Senior Warden of an AF & AM lodge among a group of friends and dignitaries. From left, Prince Hall Grand Master Michael L. Ferguson; Kellogg Lodge No. 5, Waterbury, PHA Worshipful Master Willie Elliott; PHPGM Lewis P. Myrick, Jr.; Wolcott Senior Warden Thomas Mallory; PHPGM Floyd E. Bagwell, Jr., Wolcott Worshipful Master Walter Atwood; and PGM George S. Greytak.

Oh, did I mention that the new Senior Warden is originally from a Most Worshipful Prince Hall lodge?

Welcome to A.F. & A.M., Bro. Mallory!

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