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Weakest Trivial Pursuit of Final Answer Jeopardy Link

A few years ago, RW Gary made up a cool little device that mimics the “Oooh, I’ve got the answer” gadgets that light up on popular TV game shows; when a contestant presses the hand-held button, his lamp lights up, and prevents the other lamps from burning. We combine that with randomly drawn questions on cards that contain queries both easy enough for a new Entered Apprentice, and those that will stump old Past Masters (and yes, even a District Lecturer). I think that the questions are from a British “Masonic Trivia” game, to which we have added various questions pertaining to exciting things in Connecticut – our rules and regulations, for example.

Last night, the brothers from Wyllys-St. John’s Lodge No. 4 in West Hartford came down to Friendship in order to challenge us on our grasp of Masonic trivia. Since it was their own meeting night, they got dispensation to move their charter, and held a meeting concurrent with ours. We’ve moved our own meeting in order to  show off have a Master Mason degree in another lodge; as far as I know this is the first time that another lodge has come to visit us.

This was no idle challenge, by the way; at stake was a $100 donation to the charity of the winner’s choice. The players on both sides did fairly well, but we all seemed to miss more questions that we answered. Despite the efforts of one of our own Past Masters who not only failed to answer a single question, but who, in fact, managed to caused us penalty points – not once, not twice, but three times – Friendship pulled ahead near the end after a squeakingly close contest. Worshipful Brother Craig can be proud of the efforts of his officers, especially his Junior Warden who responded with a little dance of irrational exuberance every time he got an answer correct.

All in all, it was a fun evening and a great chance to get to know brothers from outside our district. In fact, we enjoyed their company so much, that we decided to make them honorary members of the 5th District. We’re all looking forward to visiting their lodge in the fall.

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