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Friendship Lodge goes to the dogs

April 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Friendship Lodge has a presentation about the Fidelco guide dog program by Annetta and Bro. Charles Wilson, featuring Schubert, the guide dog trainee.

Charles is the one in the apron.

Annetta and Charles are members of the Bloomfield program in which they take in young dogs in order to help them become house trained and able to function around people. After a trainign period, the dogs are then taken to the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation and given to trainers, who complete the training, and figure out where the dogs can be placed. Approximately 50% of dogs don’t have the intelligence or temperment to be guide dogs, and are placed elswhere – usually as police dogs.

Schubert is less than a year old, and was still full of high spirits.The Wilsons have trained 10 dogs over the last several years, five of which were accepted into the Fidelco program as guide dogs.

There will be a Fidelco open house on Saturday, April 18, and on Saturday, May 16, there will be a walkathon to support the Fidelco program.

More information on the Pup-to-Partner program can be found at:

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