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… through ignorance…

July 21, 2008 Leave a comment

“[. . . ] and neither are you to suffer your zeal for the institute to lead you into arguments with those who, through ignorance, may ridicule it.”

From Cectic – The Comic

First, I want to thank my hosts Greg Stewart and Dean Kennedy of Masonic Central for having me as a guest. It was fun, and while I may be modest most of the time, how could I resist when such charming brothers ask not once, but several times for the pleasure of my company?

Second, I imagine that my brothers in Connecticut want to thank Greg and Dean for waiting until July, so that they don’t have to listen to me ask “Didja hear my podcast? Huh? Didja? How was it? Was it good? Didja like it? Huh? Didja?” for the rest of the summer. I’m sure that everyone around me hopes that my over-inflated ego will have returned to normal by the time that meetings start again in September.

That said, based on some of the comments and emails that I’ve received, I thought I should take a moment to clarify some of my comments on certain topics, while I still have my dues card.

There are dozens of masoniphobic web boards, ranging from those run by religious fundamentalists who believe that Freemasons worship some demon, or at least, some entity that is not the One True God© that they, themselves believe in. Other boards are run by people who believe that Freemasons either run, or inexplicably who are the bottom rung on the Illuminati/New World Order hierarchy. I say “inexplicably” because most of the time they keep referencing some mythical “high ranking Freemasons.” A few even espouse theories that Masons are somehow connectied with aliens or NASA or are involved in the moon landing hoax. Sometimes you can even see some intermingling of ideologies, which in itself presents some ironic humor. I’ve declined to point out these boards, mainly because it’s pretty easy to find them if you search on terms such as “Freemason Conspiracy” and “Freemason Demon Worship.”

I used to argue with masoniphobes, but I’ve given up. They don’t want to believe me; their minds are already made up, and they are going to nit-pick every bit of evidence that I try to give them to prove their ideas wrong, if not outright ridiculous. They are going to twist words, pull quotes from Pike and Mackey and Hall out of context. They are going to point to the Washington Monument and to the occult Masonic symbols on the back of the one-dollar bill. To those of such a mind, there is no argument. Seriously, if you’re not willing to entertain other concepts, then what you’re doing is not arguing, it’s simply name-calling.

In the US and in some other areas, Freemasons are cautioned after they are initiated not to let themselves get dragged into arguments with masoniphobes. Masoniphobes everywhere are reading this and thinking “Ah ha! That’s because the new Mason hasn’t been completely indoctinated into the cult.”

Feh! Indoctrination is so last century. The truth is, we wait until they become Master Masons and then give them the mind control implants. It’s much easier, it takes less time, and our Zeta Reticulan  overlords protectors have a huge supply of them – enough for everybody in the US and UK, in fact.

Yes, that’s right. A few years ago I got tired of arguing, so I decided to take another tactic. Since the masoniphobes are accustomed to a certain amount of pushback, I’ve decided to throw them off-balance; applying a metaphorical judo, if you will. For the last year or so, I’ve been telling them “You think we’re part of the Illuminati? Hell, that’s the least of what we are! You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

You’d be surprised at how well this actually works. In fact, the results point out some sociologically interesting things.

A number of times in the last few years I’ve had discussions with people who are convinced that Masons are part of some kind of global political conspiracy. My approach is now to agree with them, and then point out just how deeply ingrained we are in the various financial and political hierarchies around the globe. The responses I get are almost paradoxical: at first, they express something like “Ah hah! I knew it all along!” but as I describe the depth and breadth of the conspiracy, surpassing even their own accusations, they get confused and sometimes nervous. They tell me that I’m making it up, that Masons can’t possibly be as deeply into it as I claim.

How fascinating. I overpower their belief systems by feeding back into it, which causes them to go back and re-examine their original claims. It’s almost as if they have a certain capacity for belief that can not be stretched.

Now, I’m not sure if this counts as “not arguing.” But can anyone blame me for not resisting the subversiveness of this approach?

Masonic Central Presents…

July 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Pity poor Bros. Greg Stewart and Dean Kennedy of Masonic Central. After having some excellent guests for their first three podcasts, they found that everybody good was going to be away for the holiday weekend. Faced with either suspending a growing format, or roping in the only guy too stupid to take a vacation, they chose to fill in the available time.

In the past I’ve been one of the guys asking the questions on a podcast interview. On Sunday evening, July 6 at 9:00 pm Eastern Time, I get to sit in the hot seat.

We’ve got no agenda and an hour to kill. Those poor, poor guys. . .

More info at Masonic Central.

And don’t forget to go back and listen to the previous TalkShoe podcasts.

Masonic Central Podcast with Tim Bryce

June 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Masonic Central is a new blog/podcast series by a couple of seasoned internet brothers, Dean Kennedy and Greg Stewart. Many of my 37 regular readers might already be familiar with them from their frequent and well thought out postings on some of the various Masonic internet forums, and Masonic Central now offers Bros. Greg and Dean an opportunity to extend their quick wits and good natures to those  who can’t read prefer the interview and panel discussion formats.

Last night – Sunday, June 15th – was their second show which featured noted Florida Mason Tim Bryce. Bro. Tim is known for his thoughtful newsletters and essays, and last night’s podcast shows that he is just as bright an engaging in person.

The Masonic Central blog can be found at this address:

where you can also find a calendar listing upcoming segments.

The podcasts can be found on Talkshoe at

The live air time is 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific.

It looks like they’ve got the next few Sunday nights booked for guests, but you can download the one-hour podcasts and listen to them at your leisure later in the week.

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Turning the Keys with Dr. Robert Lomas

March 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Few modern Masonic authors can generate the kind interest that follows Dr. Robert Lomas. Beginning with “The Hiram Key” and followed up by another half dozen books on the history and symbolism of the Craft, Dr. Lomas has offered up some interesting – and controversial – theories and ideas about the evolution of symbology and the meaning of the symbolic language underlying Masonic rituals and ceremonies.

On Sunday, March 9th, he called us from his home in England and joined Bro. Heath Armbruster of Saskatchewan, Canada for the second The Working Tools podcast. Masonic Media Mogul Cory Sigler (of The Working Tools magazine and social networking site), Justin Budreau (Masonic web designer) and I had a fascinating two hour conversation with Dr. Lomas on topics ranging from the Kirkwall Scroll, to Masonic symbols, to the evolution of symbolism, to Sir Robert Moray, to the inconveniences of tele-presentations. Chris Hodapp joined us partway into the program, asking his usual insightful questions.

Bros. Lomas and Armbruster worked together to create an interesting DVD on the history of Masonic symbolism which they are selling in order to raise money for several Masonic charities. Dr. Lomas gave several lectures which were compiled into a presentation for The DVD, which is selling for $15 Canadian. Anyone interested can contact Bro. Heath at for more details. If the 2 hours Dr. Lomas spent with us is any indication, it will be an excellent addition to any Masonic library.

We should point out that Dr. Lomas, himself, has just published a new book called Turning the Templar Key in which he discusses the meaning of the rituals and ceremonies of the Knights Templar and relates them to modern Freemasonry.

The Talkshoe format worked flawlessly, allowing five or six of us to talk to each other by telephone from various countries and time zones. We were joined by about a hundred real-time listeners, a dozen or so of whom registered in order to use the IM feature. Many of them had excellent comments and questions, some of which were addressed by Dr. Lomas himself.

You can listen to the show (Episode 2), or download the MP3 file for your iPod or other player at The Working Tools channel.

Rilly Big Shoe

March 2, 2008 Leave a comment

I never got around to mentioning that back in January, I did a podcast with Cory Sigler of The Working Tools magazine and Masonic social networking site. It was one of those ideas that just sort of took root and spiraled out of control grew into something unforseen.

Cory had wondered if I would like to be a guest, and then we’d spend a half hour or so dishing discussing topics that were appearing on other blogs. As the agreed-upon date crept nearer, I was concerned that I hadn’t heard from him. After a series of calls and emails, it turned out that instead of discussing other blogs, that we were going to interview the guys that wrote “Morals and Dogma for the 21st Century,” a revised version of Albert Pike’s classic that had been written in more modern English in order to make it more accessible to newer Masons. In the end, we were joined by Chris Hodapp, which was a good thing because he was the only one of us who had actually *ahem* read that book. We had a 7-way conversation that lasted 90 minutes.

You can still listen to it online, or download the mp3 on the Talkshoe site:

For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, we have managed to put together yet another episode for your listening pleasure. This time we are going to be speaking with author Dr. Robert Lomas – yes, that Lomas, of the Hiram Key series, Uriel’s Machine, The Second Messiah, etc.

We will also be joined by Bro. Heath Armbruster, who is involved with an amazing study on the Kirkwall Scroll, one of the oldest known Masonic artifacts; it is a scroll which appears to have been made in the 1400’s and is possibly a tracing board for several degree ceremonies.

The Talkshoe format is similar to a live radio broadcast. Listeners can hear this in “real time” as we record. Additionally, you can also register (it’s free, natch) and log in to the recording area, where you can IM questions and comments for us, and if we’re in a tight spot, we will probably even respond to them. The show format even allows us to talk calls from listeners.

The date for this next podcast is Sunday, March 9th at 3:00 pm Eastern time. Hope to see you have you join us!

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