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Not your grandfather’s Square & Compasses!

July 18, 2006 8 comments

The Freemasons. A secret society comprised of men who keep their associations quiet if not hidden from the public eye. Members might possibly be spotted by small decals on their back bumper or perhaps by small and tasteful rings or lapel pins.


“Bro. Masons of all types are showing their love for the Craft through the ancient art of tattoo. The symbols and tenets of Freemasonry are cherished, honored and protected by brothers who have made their commitment to Freemasonry literally a part of themselves, as a badge and reminder.”

… and so reads the intro at Masonic Ink, a website with pictures of men who have one (or typically several) cool tatts with a distinctive Masonic flair. Not content with mere Square & Compasses, these men have all varieties of symbols, ranging from Past Master’s Jewels to the 47th problem of Euclid to Shrine and Scottish Rite symbols, to columns and tessellated flooring, and most in eye-popping color and fantastic rendering.

Anyone who thinks that Masons are just some dumpy old guys should note the generally (but not exclusively) younger appearing Masons on this site. Our membership in general may be down, but certainly this speaks to a resurgence in interest among the under 40 crowd.

These aren’t just tatts, dear reader; this is some serious body art. I spent a good half hour looking at some of the fantastic designs, and by the end of the website it made me start thinking about perhaps getting one of my own. Really impressive works, and I extend kudos for Bro. Drew at The Master’s Jewel for hosting this really impressive display.

Now, does anyone have a link for some Masonic piercings?

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