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Labor Daze

September 4, 2009 1 comment

Those of you following my Twitter or my Facebook accounts know that I’ve spent a lot of time working over the summer. Either I’m working at my business, trying to keep things running in this economy (and I’m fortunate to have a few excellent and dedicated people with me); working around the house, taking care of repairs and maintenance that I hadn’t gotten around to during the spring (and how the hell can I have so many trees and bushes to be cut down? Where do those things come from?); and working on myself, not in the esoteric sense, but physically, by exercising my butt off — or more correctly, trying to exercise that last 15 pounds of middle-aged gut that has taken up residence and refuses to leave.

Really, for the last couple of months I’ve put most thoughts about the fraternity out of my head; not for any particular reason, except that, as A.C. points out:

“The Masonic summer break restores that sense of renewal that we all used to enjoy as students… when we go out into the real world, life often turns into a 365-day-a-year grind.While you still don’t get a summer break from your day job (unless you happen to be a teacher,) taking a couple of months away from the Lodge gives you a nice opportunity to reflect on the proceedings of the preceding year, and contemplate the upcoming one.”

So, on Tuesday, I reminded my wife (who had been enjoying my summer hiatus) that the lodge meetings were going to be starting up again. On Wednesday — the first Wednesday of the month — I happened to glance at my Google calendar and saw that the space for Wednesday evening was blank. Dang, I must have accidentally deleted the items for the rest of the year, instead of just the summer. I re-entered the deleted items, and set a reminder to leave work early; a reminder to which I actually paid attention. No, really.

I made it home, and decided to forgo the  Ice Cream Vendor Grand Lodge uniform, and changed into business casual. I grabbed my keys and noted the time — only 7:01, plenty of time to socialize beforehand — and as I walked to to my car, I contemplated the probability of a parking space in the middle of the week.

No, wait. Something’s wrong. There haven’t been any parking issues all spring. Why was I thinking about that now? With Southington’s Music on the Green, and the new restaurants on the block, why didn’t I have any trouble parking a few months ago? What changed? Why…

Oh dang! I’d put all thoughts so far out of my mind that I’d completely forgotten that back in January we changed our meeting nights to the 1st and 3rd Mondays.

Well, it wasn’t a total loss. I spent some extra time with my lovely wife (we went grocery shopping), and had some time to think about some of the things I need to do for the upcoming year.

Hopefully, I’ll remember what they are when the time comes.

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