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You’re here because you’re investigating Freemasonry.

Or because you saw “The DaVinci Code.”

Or because you’ve been checking out the History Channel and wondered what we’re all about.

Or because you’ve seen those crazy websites from the clueless people who are convinced that that is some “Konspiracy”.

Or maybe your father or grandfather belonged to the Fraternity, and you’re just curious.

Or maybe because I’ve pleaded with you to visit so I can bring my blog stats up to more than 19 regular visitors.

Anyway, I’m glad that you’re at least taking the time to check this out. Most of the posts are just my perspective on situations and things, but for some reason a few of them seem to fairly popular. Here’s a guide to some of the more interesting articles; I’ll add to this list as necessary.

One of my takes on “The Konspiracy” and Anti-Masonry (and one of my most popular posts) is here:
Aunti Em! Anti M!

Think Masons are a bunch of conservative old guys? Nay! The new Masons joining our ranks are pretty young and modern. Check out another one of my popular pages:
Not Your Grandfather’s Square & Compasses

For some reason, my posts on the Southington Apple Harvest get a lot of hits. And why not? It’s an annual event, and we have a great time:
Apple Harvest Festival – 2006

Think Masons don’t like to party? We have a fairly young and active lodge, and some of the members are non-stop:
Oh , Yes it’s Ladies’ Night

You want opinions? I’ve got some. Here’s my perspective on those occasionally embarrassing episodes that our Fraternity sees:
Guarding the West Gate

I’m one of those Masons who enjoys the esoteric studies, and I’m sometimes disappointed that our members often seem to forget the rich traditions of the Craft.
Masonic Ritual – Who is it for?

  1. January 28, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    Nice to find your site. My site is: I also have a Masonic facebook page:
    I moved from Michigan to Minnesota to study with Soto Zen teacher Dainin Katagiri Roshi. I lived in Japan for 10 years, apprenticing in pottery with a National Living Treasure. I first became interested in masonry in the ’70s, by the work of Swiss Masons Herman Hesse and Carl Jung, but couldn’t find any information at that time (pre-internet) about joining. After having several Japanese tell me, when they found out I was american, “We thank General MacArthur for the Japanese Constitution”, I recalled MacArthur was a mason and so looked on the internet and found much more information (that was about 2006 or 2007.) When I moved back to Minnesota and got my wife moved over (I lived here alone for 2 years), I started researching lodges and found Cataract No.2
    I have a non-sectarian view of all spiritual traditions, following Huston Smith’s creed,”(I heard him explain to a young woman after a lecture, when she asked him): “If all the great traditions are true, which do you follow?), He replied: “I consider myself a member of each and every great spiritual tradition as long as membership in that tradition does not exclude my membership in any of the other great traditions.”
    Good to find your site!

    Lee Love
    Cataract #2
    Minneapolis Valley Scottish Rite
    Zhurah Pipe and Drum


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