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Masonic Central Podcast with Tim Bryce

June 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Masonic Central is a new blog/podcast series by a couple of seasoned internet brothers, Dean Kennedy and Greg Stewart. Many of my 37 regular readers might already be familiar with them from their frequent and well thought out postings on some of the various Masonic internet forums, and Masonic Central now offers Bros. Greg and Dean an opportunity to extend their quick wits and good natures to those  who can’t read prefer the interview and panel discussion formats.

Last night – Sunday, June 15th – was their second show which featured noted Florida Mason Tim Bryce. Bro. Tim is known for his thoughtful newsletters and essays, and last night’s podcast shows that he is just as bright an engaging in person.

The Masonic Central blog can be found at this address:

where you can also find a calendar listing upcoming segments.

The podcasts can be found on Talkshoe at

The live air time is 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific.

It looks like they’ve got the next few Sunday nights booked for guests, but you can download the one-hour podcasts and listen to them at your leisure later in the week.

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Turning the Keys with Dr. Robert Lomas

March 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Few modern Masonic authors can generate the kind interest that follows Dr. Robert Lomas. Beginning with “The Hiram Key” and followed up by another half dozen books on the history and symbolism of the Craft, Dr. Lomas has offered up some interesting – and controversial – theories and ideas about the evolution of symbology and the meaning of the symbolic language underlying Masonic rituals and ceremonies.

On Sunday, March 9th, he called us from his home in England and joined Bro. Heath Armbruster of Saskatchewan, Canada for the second The Working Tools podcast. Masonic Media Mogul Cory Sigler (of The Working Tools magazine and social networking site), Justin Budreau (Masonic web designer) and I had a fascinating two hour conversation with Dr. Lomas on topics ranging from the Kirkwall Scroll, to Masonic symbols, to the evolution of symbolism, to Sir Robert Moray, to the inconveniences of tele-presentations. Chris Hodapp joined us partway into the program, asking his usual insightful questions.

Bros. Lomas and Armbruster worked together to create an interesting DVD on the history of Masonic symbolism which they are selling in order to raise money for several Masonic charities. Dr. Lomas gave several lectures which were compiled into a presentation for The DVD, which is selling for $15 Canadian. Anyone interested can contact Bro. Heath at for more details. If the 2 hours Dr. Lomas spent with us is any indication, it will be an excellent addition to any Masonic library.

We should point out that Dr. Lomas, himself, has just published a new book called Turning the Templar Key in which he discusses the meaning of the rituals and ceremonies of the Knights Templar and relates them to modern Freemasonry.

The Talkshoe format worked flawlessly, allowing five or six of us to talk to each other by telephone from various countries and time zones. We were joined by about a hundred real-time listeners, a dozen or so of whom registered in order to use the IM feature. Many of them had excellent comments and questions, some of which were addressed by Dr. Lomas himself.

You can listen to the show (Episode 2), or download the MP3 file for your iPod or other player at The Working Tools channel.

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